Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises Development Journey

Due Micro Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs) are the driving force for the MSMEs Development to enhance the Socio Economic development  of the Nation , it is needed to carry out systematically with the short –term and long –term visions. And so since on the date of 4th April,2012,SME Development Center was established and SMEs supporting program are being carried out continuously by enforcing the SMEs Development Law on April 2015,SMEs Development Rule on December 2016,SMEs Development Policy on December 2015 to reduce the barriers and to be competitiveness.

To enhance SMEs and to facilitate their needs, the Center of SMEs Development  was established at No (35b/15),University Avenue Road, Bahan  township ,Yangon on 1st April 2014 with the approval of Union Government Meeting(13/2012) which hold on 29.3.2012.And then, on the date of 1st April ,2014,that SMEs Development Center was reorganized under the Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection and extended to total number of 53 SMEs Branches including with 14 branches and 38 sub- branches from Union Territory ,States and Regions .Till  now,it has been supporting to MSMEs throughout the country.

To carry out widely for SMEs Development in line with the SMEs Development Law ,rule and Policy, it has been implementing  to be fulfill the vision of SMEs Development Policy “Creation of regionally innovative and competitive SMEs across all sectors that enhance income generation and contribute to the social- economic development Mission” by forming the SMEs Development Central Committee that is led by the President U Win Myint as chair  and included  24 members  and the SMEs Development Working Committee that is led by the Vice- President U Myint Swe as Chair and included 40 members.

From 2012 to till now,it has been performing such as  guiding in order to enact  the necessary Law ,Rule and Policy ,coordinating with the line Ministries to support the needs, connecting with local and International organizations for technological needs ,guiding to get effective supports from Government and  Banks for required  capital, holding the Myanmar MSMEs products Exhibition and Competitions in states and regions and Awarding the National MSMEs Awards to MSMEs.

On 2nd January 2018,to promote MSMEs  regarding their sector and to reform the policy matter, SMEs Development Agency ,Fund Management Body and Reporting and Evaluating Body were formed by the SMEs Development Central Committee’s Notification No(1/2018),(2/2018),(3/2018).


Now, MSMEs Sub Agency Branches leading by Prime Ministers from States and Regions as Patron were formed in each sates and regions .Then for development of MSMEs , setting up the ACTION PLAN, holding the events cooperating with domestic and international organizations and evaluating to become the effective financial supporting system cooperating with  concerned government authorities, it has been committing.